A message from the North Atlantic

We have just heard from Olly and George. They have been paddling for 40 hours and have covered half the distance from The Faroes to Scotland - the current weather window gives them just 31 hours to cover the same distance. Any of those mathematicians out there can work out that this is not ideal news.

As of 30mins ago, the boys have changed course and are heading to the small island of North Rona. They are then reviewing the weather later today - if this current window extends then they will change course back to the mainland. If not, they will land on North Rona and take refuge there until the conditions change.

Keep Olly and George in your thoughts today, it is hard out on the sea and with the added pressure of making big decisions, it cannot be much fun for the moment. Especially as they are so looking forward to being home and seeing friends and family.