Made it to North Rona

After 65 hours of paddling with no more than 3 hours sleep, Olly and George have made it to North Rona. 

The island has very few places to land so they had a few hours sleep last night, just off the coast of the island and then attempted to land in the day light. The tracker now shows that they are on dry land. We are all very happy about this.

They will rest now, they must be exhausted and then think about the final push home. The weather isn't looking good so they could be there for some days now. They will prioritise finding fresh water as they only have enough for a few days. The final leg to the mainland will take them around 12 hours - when we know an ETD or any other update, we'll let you know.

Even though this leg doesn't have an ominous sounding name like 'The Devils Dancefloor' it is proving to be one of the hardest.