Greenland to Scotland - Update 1

Finally after 4 years of preparation Olly Hicks and fellow adventurer George Bullard have driven the boat to North West Iceland and are preparing to sail the last leg to the start line of the 'Greenland to Scotland Challenge'.

They have done the training, prepped the boat and kit and are now raring to go! To get to the start they will set sail on a yacht with the kayak on board from Isafjordur in North West Iceland up to Greenland. They are waiting for the weather to be more favourable which is currently looking like Wednesday this week.

Weather depending Olly, George and the kayak will be dropped off on the ice edge of Greenland and start their epic paddle back to Scotland. Keep your eye on the tracker to follow their progress - currently it shows their driving and sailing journey so far. Once they start their paddle, the tracker will be cleared and reset. You can then watch them move across your screens as they paddle in their kayak from Greenland to Scotland.

From Olly, George and the team, we'd like to say a huge thanks to all the sponsors especially the title sponsor Virgin and also to Newscape Capital Group for supporting this unique endeavour.