Here goes!

Today, Olly and George will set off on the longest and most demanding leg of this expedition. They are to tackle The Devils Dance Floor. This is a 280mile stretch of the North Sea between Iceland and the Faroe Islands. 

They are expected to take between 4 - 6 days. They will eat, sleep, paddle and go to the loo all in the kayak - they cannot leave their seat. The boat has been especially designed so they are able to sleep a bit, this involves them shimmying down until they are lying flat, they then bring a tent-like hood over their heads. It is very basic, but with them scheduled to paddle around the clock it will be essential for them to have a bit of a rest when they can. This leg, like the rest of this journey, will be tracked so keep an eye on their progress.

Olly and George have spent the last two days preparing the boat for this ocean leg, they were allowed to use the local kayaking club as their base in exchange for a talk to the town last night. They had a very engaging audience and the local children were thrilled to be allowed to sit in the boat. 

Updates may be slim in the next few days as the comms are not great, however keep watching them move across your screens and we promise to let you know when they have made it to dry land on the other side!

Careful preparation by Olly and George

Careful preparation by Olly and George