Things don't always go to plan

The Devils Dance Floor is named that for a reason, the weather can turn in a moment. This is what Olly and George have just experienced. When they set off on Saturday, they had a clear weather window ahead of them, however late last night they received information about the conditions changing soon, and in a very bad way. 

It turns out that 3 out of 4 weather reports said that things were turning nasty. With safety being the most important factor to consider, in the last hour, they have made the decision to suspend the expedition. They are now riding, with their kayak on board, on a fishing boat which is heading back to Iceland. 

Both Olly and George are now dry, warm, safe and will be back in Iceland in the next 12 hours. They are paying their way by trying their hands at gutting cod. 

This is not the end of the expedition. They will get back on shore and work out when they can get dancing again. Updates will be posted when information is available.