A message from Olly and George

A brief update as we make our final plans to make the final and perhaps most challenging leap of our Kayak voyage from Greenland to Scotland - from Suderoy in Faroe Islands to Balnakeil Bay in Scotland - hoping for an ETD of 1000hrs-1200hrs local time on Monday. 

We're currently in Torshavn getting further provisions as our rations are low.... Also watching the weather very carefully with support from http://www.pm-pt.co.uk/ weather services.  For our final 340km leg we are going to be against the prevailing winds and will have to fight the currents both to escape the grip of the Faroes and then battle across the stream of the North Atlantic Drift. The kayak is ready and waiting for us in Vagur, Suderoy, being looked after by Dennis the mayor! We are aiming to launch in the early hours of Thursday morning before dawn when the southerly winds should abate before starting to swing to the north to help us along. 

Given the varialbles of current and wind on this leg we may put ashore on the isolated island of North Rona to avoid a strong band of winds and rough seas late on Saturday if we can before making our final 75km push into Balnakeil Bay near Durness. 

I'd be lying if I said we were looking forward to getting back in the kayak, but we CANNOT WAIT to get back to Scotland!! and North Rona will be an adventure if we end up there... 

Thanks to everyone who's helped us out so much in Faroe Islands and Torshavn - especially Dennis, Bjarti Mohr and Livar Nysted - everyone has made our waiting for the weather fairly painless with your kindness, generosity and support for the expedition. 

Hopefully see some of you on the beach in Scotland, in the meantime fingers crossed for smooth seas and fair winds!! 

Very best, 

Olly & George

Standing strong still - looking forward to coming home

Standing strong still - looking forward to coming home