The Land of Maybe.....

From Olly:

The Faroese have a saying – Kańska – which means the land of maybe – because here everything depends on the weather… as we’ve been finding out… sadly our weather window to make the 200NM voyage to Scotland has evaporated – it closed out late last night as we made final pre departure checks – the boat was loaded and in the water, we were kitted up but a final weather check showed it would not be wise to launch into deteriorating conditions.

A depression to the south of Ireland is generating strong headwinds – up to 30 knots from the south east and corresponding rough seas at our location – not something we would choose to launch into. The Ocean is no place for bravado.

So we wait again, we must be patient, as there does not look to be a decent 72hr weather window for at least 10 days – as far as forecasts really stretch. 

So for now we watch the weather ready to launch again – the boat is ready to go and we are raring to complete the expedition as soon as weather permits!

Thanks to everyone on Suduroy for their help with our launch preparations and kayak storage too  @Ítróttaháskúlin í Suðuroy



If you want to see the sunshine, you have to weather the storm.